Marucci Mark 2 Leg Guards

The Mark 2 Leg Guards feature industry-exclusive full inner knee coverage, gel knee plate, and ankle caps for maximum protection. An upgraded memory foam-padded lining ensures a secure, contouring fit, while strapless floating middle knee caps eliminate rubbing on the back of the knees allowing smooth, comfortable movement.

  • Industry-exclusive, full coverage inner knee protection provides maximum coverage, including inner areas left unprotected in other models
  • Upgraded memory foam-padded lining with extra inner leg padding ensures secure and contouring fit
  • Gel knee plate and increased outer knee padding offer a more supportive, comfortable fit
  • Floating outer middle knee cap is strapless to eliminate rubbing on the back of knees
  • Smooth shin plate and knee caps are easy to clean and resist dirt accumulation
  • Removable double toe cap provides extra protection
  • Protective ankle cap offers greater protection and coverage